Lara Mesanza Burke

Artist | Designer | Illustrator



Book Illustrator

Kac Young, a recognised Author has recently written "The one minute cat manager" a whimsical and informational book on cat managment, which I was commissioned to illustrate. The book will be published in the fall.

2017 - Present

Coloring Book Illustrator

For the past year I have worked along side Sean Baity, author of a collection of adult coloring books. I have fully illustrated two of his published books and currently working on the third.


Freelance Artist

Working as a freelance artist for a number of clients. Using my versatility and wide range of techniques I have worked as a nomadic freelancer drawing from one off pieces, to custom designed tattoos, banners and wedding invitations.


Mural Painter

Whilst travelling around Asia I worked on a number of small projects, one of which was a 8 by 4m mural painting at " Chateau One" Hostel in Penang, Myanmar


Design Assistant

Design assistant at Fabulously fetish. This was a three month internship where I worked at all the stages of custom footwear design, from the pattern making, to the cutting to the fitting of the custom desgined pieces.


Design Intern

Three month internship at an up and coming accessorie design store in Alicante Spain, working hand in hand with other designers creating handbag designs and mockups.



Masters Degree

Masters in Shoe and Accessory Design

Coco School , Alicante , Spain


BA Honours Degree

First class honours degree in Glass, Metals and Ceramics


National College of Art and Design

Dublin, Ireland


Drawing 100%
Illustrator 92%
Illustration 89%
Book illustration 86%
Photoshop 81%
Rhinocerous 67%


I am currently available commissions, freelance book illustrations or one off pieces, please dont hesitate to email me via the contact form below.